How To Pick Side Stones For Your Ring?

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Setting side stones on your diamond rings helps to enhance the look of the center stone. They can give a larger appearance to your ring thereby offering it an impressive look. The side stones you should choose for your ring can be dependent on the center stone, type of setting, etc. Below, we offer a useful guide for you to choose the best side stones for your ring.

How Many Side Stones Should You Choose?

The number of side stones can be dependent on the type of setting. The three-stone setting is one of the commonly found settings in engagement rings. If you choose a ring with this setting, then you should get two side stones and one center stone.

Another popular setting is the five-stone setting, where you have to get four side stones and one center stone. There is also a wide array of other settings that come with more number of side stones.

But be aware that when the number of stones increases, it can be difficult for you to maintain and clean the ring. If you cannot afford a diamond ring with a big center stone, then it is better to choose a ring with side stones. These stones can accentuate the size of your ring at affordable rates, as the cost of small side stones can be significantly lower than bigger stones.

The Size Of Side Stones

When choosing side stones, it is important to make sure that your ring won’t go out of proportion. A lot of people prefer side stones that are comparable in size to the center stone. This can be a great option if you choose a ring with two side stones. But if there are more than two side stones, it is better to go for stones that are significantly smaller in size than the center stone.

The Right Color Of Side Stones

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The color grade of your side stones should be close to the color grade of your center stone. If your center stone is colorless, but your side stones have a yellow tint, then it can reduce the overall appeal of your ring.

Think Out Of The Box

You don’t have to choose colorless side stones just because your center stone is colorless. You can experiment with brilliant colors to bring a stunning contrast to your rings.

If you want a diamond ring with side stones, but cannot afford it, then it is better to go for lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are significantly less expensive than natural diamonds.

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