Situations Where You Would Have To Remove Your Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

There are several precious metals that can be used to keep your lab-grown diamonds in position securely. To put it simply, the diamonds are not held in place by glue or adhesives, and the ring’s capacity to retain the diamonds in place is jeopardized if the ring becomes damaged. Things or actions that impose strain on your ring’s prongs might cause the prongs to shatter or pull away from the diamonds, resulting in loose stones and the possibility of a lost diamond.

Here are some of the situations where you would want to remove your lab-grown diamond rings for avoiding damage.

When Your Hands Are Wet

You should take off your diamond rings before washing the dishes, laundry, bartending, swimming, cooking, or housecleaning because your hands will be wet. Cleaning agents and aggressive chemicals might cause build-up and fade the polish/rhodium on your ring’s metal faster.

During Work Outs

The base of your ring might be compressed or bent out of shape if you lift large objects or push them into your hands. This can cause metal fractures and breaks under extreme conditions. In order to avoid that, you should never forget to take off the lab-grown diamond ring from your fingers before you enter the gym.

When Applying Lotions

While this will not harm your ring’s structure, it will cause the shine and rhodium to wear away more rapidly. Lotions and cosmetics can also build up over time, dulling the appearance of lab-grown diamonds or, in the case of little meleé diamonds, entirely covering them. If you keep your lab-grown diamond ring away from these items, it will keep the shine for a much longer time.

When You Are Wearing Latex

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

People who are working in the medical field often wear Latex or rubber gloves. Pulling the rubber gloves over a diamond ring on a regular basis can catch and break little pavé prongs, as well as shift the central stone setting out of position on more delicate rings. Stones might become loose as a result of constant pulling.

When You Are Sleeping

If you do not want your lab-grown diamonds to fall off from the setting, make sure that you are not wearing them while you are sleeping. While you sleep, prongs of your ring may catch on your blankets, or rings can be banged against surfaces, breaking prongs or making the diamonds loose and it may eventually fall off.

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