What To Know About Black Spots In Diamonds

Owning A Diamond Ring
Owning A Diamond Ring
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

There can be different types of imperfections present in your diamonds including blemishes, inclusions, etc. and black spots are one among them. Diamonds are made up of carbon and dark spots present in these stones are just dots or points of carbon that haven’t crystalized. These are natural flaws that can be present in both mined and lab grown diamonds. Most diamonds come with black spots, but they might not be always visible to the naked eyes.

Black spots can come in varying sizes, and in some cases, they can be big enough to be seen with naked eyes. Based on the size of black spots, they can have a great impact on the clarity grade of your diamond.

Can Black Spots Appear Suddenly?

No. black spots develop during the formation of diamonds. Hence, they won’t appear suddenly in your diamond rings. But they can be more or less visible based on the light and how clean your stone is.

Can Black Spots Make Your Diamond Vulnerable To Chipping?

Not usually. Unlike inclusions and other flaws that can weaken your stone, black spots are harmless. They are made up of the same material as the diamond, but with a different color.

One of the biggest problems caused by black spots is that they can diminish the appeal of your diamonds, especially, those with bigger sizes.

Is It Possible To Remove Black Spots?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Black spots are a natural part of the diamond, hence, you cannot remove them without disrupting the integrity of the stone. Some clarity-enhancing techniques might aid to remove black spots, but they usually involve changing the structure of the diamond thereby compromising its strength and durability.

One method used to remove the black spots present in diamonds is laser drilling. It involves drilling a microscopic hole in the diamond’s surface and using acid or heat to dissolve or burn black spots. Hence, the spaces where the black spots were present will be left empty. These empty spaces and the microscopic tunnel created for this process will be then filled with a glass-like substance. This process is known as fracture filling.

Laser drilling can weaken the integrity of your diamonds, especially, if there are too many dark spots to be removed.

If black spots are present in your diamond ring, the best thing you can do to reduce their visibility and prevent them from affecting the appeal of your stone is by keeping the ring clean. This can help to prevent the black spots in your ring from standing out.

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