Why Should You Select A Radiant-Cut Diamond?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds have a square or rectangular shape when looked at from the top. The corners of this diamond cut are rounded and hence they are highly resistant to chipping. Radiant-cut combines the brilliance of round-cut with the squarish shape of the princess cut.

Radiant-cut is one of the popular cuts and was invented by Henry Grossbard in 1977. They have a deep cut and consist of seventy facets. If you are looking for a diamond with an inimitable appearance and excellent brilliance, then radiant-cut diamonds can be your perfect choice. They are also a good choice for your engagement ring as it symbolizes uniqueness just like your relationship. Nowadays, you can find radiant-cut in both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Read below to find out why purchasing a radiant cut is worth it.

Superior Brilliance

Sparkle or brilliance is one of the most necessary requirements for a good diamond. The popularity of the diamond itself is mainly due to its incomparable durability and brilliance. Radiant-cut offers excellent brilliance and fire and the only cut that has superior brilliance to a radiant-cut is the round cut. The deep brilliant cut and numerous facets are responsible for the intense sparkle of a radiant-cut diamond.

Rounded Corners Reduce The Chance Of Chipping

Diamonds with sharp corners are more susceptible to chipping. You have to be extremely careful with such diamonds. The corners of radiant-cut diamonds are rounded and you may not have to worry much about chipping. The prongs hold the diamond firmly and offer protection for your diamond. This means that you can use a radiant-cut diamond ring on any occasion without the fear of getting them damaged.

Doesn’t Snag Your Clothes

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

A common problem many people face with some diamonds like the square cut diamonds is them snagging your clothes. This problem is mainly seen with diamonds having sharp edges or corners. In the case of a radiant-cut diamond, you may not have to worry about this problem. So you can wear whatever outfit you like along with radiant-cut diamond jewelry.

Can Hide Inclusions And Flaws

As we already mentioned, radiant-cut diamonds have a high number of facets when compared to other cuts. They are also deep and efficient in reflecting light. Due to these properties, we cannot spot small flaws and inclusions easily. This property enables you to compromise slightly on the clarity grade and you can obtain eye-clean diamonds with lower clarity grades.

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