Choosing Between Round And Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Diamond Rings
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Lab Grown Diamonds

When you are purchasing diamond jewelry, two of the most common diamond shapes you will see are round and cushion-cut diamonds that are known for their stunning appeal. Both of these options create traditional and classic options in diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. However, each of them carries its own unique features and properties. Therefore, before choosing between a round and cushion-cut diamond, knowing their characteristics can be beneficial for you. The following are some of the significant facts you want to know about these stunning diamond cuts.

Round Brilliants

If you are looking for the most popular option, then there is no other diamond shape that matches the popularity of round diamonds. This diamond shape is also the most brilliant and shiniest option among all diamond shapes. Round diamonds are adored for their wonderful bling that cannot be offered by any other diamond shape. Hence, when it comes to brilliance and sparkle, round brilliants are the undisputable winner.

People also prefer round diamonds for the traditional look they offer. If you are a fan of classic jewelry designs, then round brilliants are the best option you can consider.

Round diamonds have several advantages over other diamond shapes. Apart from its high brilliance, this diamond shape can fit anyone irrespective of the shape and size of their fingers. Additionally, it is a highly versatile shape that can fit any ring style and design.

Also, as these stones give off more light, they are able to hide inclusions and other imperfections well thereby allowing you to compromise on the clarity grades without reducing the appeal of your diamond rings.

However, the cost of round diamonds is very high in comparison with other diamond shapes including the cushion cut. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable options, round diamonds might not be suitable for you. But you can get round lab grown diamonds for much lower rates than natural ones which makes these stones affordable for everyone.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Cushion-cut diamonds, as the name indicates, come in the shape of a pillow. It has a square shape but features rounded corners which offer this diamond shape a soft look. It can be a wonderful choice for vintage lovers, as it was one of the most popular diamond shapes during the ancient days.

But cushion diamonds are slightly less brilliant than round ones, and these stones show off the clarity of the stone. Hence, you have to aim for cushion-cut diamonds with higher clarity grades.

Cushion-cut diamonds can be about 25% less expensive than their round counterparts making them suitable for people who want more affordable options.

So make sure to compare the look, brilliance, and cost of round and cushion-cut diamonds before choosing between them.

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