Unique Diamonds Cuts For Exquisite Ring Designs

Diamond Ring Design Ideas For Men
Diamond Ring Design Ideas For Men
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

When the majority opt for the popular and time-tested brilliant round and princess cuts, the select few go for unique cuts like the oval shaped, pear shaped and heart shaped cuts for their exquisite engagement rings.

The Oval Shaped Diamond

The oval shaped diamond is, in a way, a unique version of an elongated round shape with the ability to have as many facets as that of a round cut stone, with as much capacity to sparkle as that of any round cut diamond. The oblong shape makes the diamond look bigger and also makes the finger on which the ring is worn look longer and slender.

This out-of-the-ordinary choice of a diamond cut can have the ‘bowtie’ effect if not cut properly. This also leads to much more visibility of otherwise unnoticeable flaws and inclusions in the stone. The best way to circumvent this flaw is to choose a salt and pepper oval cut diamond ring in which the unpleasant inclusions and flaws become an essential and inherent part of the look.

The Pear-Shaped Diamond

Famously known as the teardrop, the pear-shaped diamond has been in vogue since the 14th century. Since more of the stone is shown from the top view of this cut, the pear-shaped diamond looks larger than its actual size. Those who prefer the appearance of a larger stone can go with the safe choice of a pear-shaped stone that is bigger looking than a round cut or oval diamond of the same carat weight.

The pear-shaped diamonds have a pointed tip, which makes a bezel or half-V setting best suited for the stones. These settings are also ideal to prevent the chipping of the stone. The pear-shaped diamonds need excellent cutting methods to hide the inclusions and make them shine bright.

The Heart Shaped Diamond

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The heart-shaped diamond rings are considered special by the hopeless romantics who would love to go with a diamond shape that symbolizes eternal love. Though traditionally not used as engagement rings, these diamonds have a feminine shape that would look equally great as a solitaire on a contemporary band and in an elaborate setting with accompanying diamonds and gemstones.

The unique sparkle of a heart shaped diamond warrants a complicated cut with accurate symmetry and resultant brilliance. This might end up with the diamond being a bit more expensive than some other cuts, due to the labor that goes into perfecting the cut.

Whatever the diamond cut you choose for your precious engagement ring, make sure that the cherished piece of jewelry is done in a design and setting that suits you the best.

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